NOVEMBER 19, 2013

Necessity is the Mother of Invention Did anyone say that, or I just invented it?  This is very true: if you don’t have it, you better invent it to make your life easier!!!  I found that out very quickly in this second day of jungle adventure.  How do you create a vent if there’s no tool?  You make it with sharpened bobby pins and wire.   How do you prevent feedback when fitting a stock mold with no venting material?  You cut strips of tubing material and insert into the vent, doubling Read More »

NOVEMBER 18, 2013

Crazy! That is the first thing to say about the first day of patients.  With one audiologist, one third year Au. D. student, and one fourth year speech, language and hearing communication student, with NO IDEA about the protocol or any paperwork, no patient files, previous tests and notes are only on the secretary's computer = no patient info, we worked in the dark! Who says we should go paperless?! Now I am even more against it! But I got through seeing 12, 10 being new patients, and some interesting Read More »

NOVEMBER 16, 2013

Wonderful day in Manaus:  A stroll through the old town,  seeing the British colonies' housing from 350 years ago, the renovated Municipal Theater, the original Sao Bernardo Church, the Central Market, a boat ride to Encontro das Aguas, where Rio Negro meets Rio Solemoes, visit to the Ecological Park to see the huge Victoria Reges Lilly Patch, feed the monkeys, having a very fun time with the cobra, crocodile and Bicho da Prequica. Read More »