NOVEMBER 25, 2013

God has put in my heart the desire to go out and serve others, and Project Amazons helped to make this wish come true! This is my last day in Parintins, finished seeing patients at 12:30, and rushing out to catch my ride to the airport (yes, rushing again, you can see that I’ve not learned from my mistake!!! My flight leaves at 2!), I reflect on these past 10 days’ events and people we’ve seen: every patient we saw has waited long before receiving any treatment because of financial (patients Read More »

NOVEMBER 21, 2013

I was thinking there weren’t enough hours in a day back home but I'm feeling like I need even more time here! Today was just another ordinary day with lots of patients, scheduled and walk-ins, lots of them, since my second TV interview aired yesterday. (I was dying to see myself but never had a chance! Did they get my better side?!)  Since we are staying in a room inside the clinic it didn’t matter the time to end, therefore who ever is here and willing to wait, we’d see them. Yesterday Read More »

NOVEMBER 20, 2013

Third days of patients, we're getting better! First day: last patient left at 8 p.m.,  second day at 9 p.m., and today the last patient left at 7:30!!!  Yeah!!!!  We are finally getting better.  But, no, that's not the end of the day!  The three of us, Cindy, Rildo and myself sat down,  opened up a box of Garoto chocolate, and started the last session of the night; we discussed each patient seen, the outcome, and the follow-up plan.   Rildo,who is the student finishing his course work Read More »