Annie Cardella Third-Year AuD Student, UT-Dallas Friday, July 30, 2010: Before the Mission had Begun It is very early in the morning, and I am on the tail end of a flight from Frankfurt Germany to Johannesburg South Africa.  Breakfast just arrived, and it is surprisingly delicious considering the food we were given on the last flight.  We haven't even landed yet, but I can already feel the effects of Africa on my mind and body.  I am completely exhausted as I only got a few hours of sleep Read More »


Sorry for the lag in adding blog info.  It seems the only internet connections we were able to establish on many days was while in a van on bumpy roads.  What a THRILL!! I continue to be in awe of the many colleagues, friends and just plain people I come into contact with in S. Africa.  What a “HARDY and RESILIENT BUNCH”!فف When considering that S. Africa has about as many speech and hearing specialists to serve their county as the State of Texas has Audiologists to serve within the Read More »


There is a great deal of beauty at the farm where we have been staying on the banks of the Vaal River outside of Parys.  A dear friend has allowed us to stay at the family farm, which has 5 bedrooms, for FREE!! That price is RIGHT.  We are surrounded by "mountains" (sorry, by Colorado standards they are really the beginning of the foothills) which do NOT allow cellphone or WiFi/wireless internet access.  So after getting up at 6 a.m. then working HARD all day, we have to find those snatches Read More »