Goodbye Project Amazon 2016

We are sailing along in a speedboat for Manaus as Project Amazon 2016 comes to a close. This past week was full of adventure as we sailed to the small village of Nhamunda with our equipment and supplies to provide audiological services to the people there for the very first time in their history. We were greeted warmly by the speech therapist, Magda Guimaraes, and proceeded to the clinic to prepare for the next day. Our meals and lodging were provided for us by Marina Pandolfo, the Minister Read More »

The Best Way to Explore Parintins, Brazil

Although the main purpose of Project Amazon is to work and provide audiological services in Parintins, Brazil, this weekend, we made time for some exploration and fun. And what's the best way to experience the Parintins culture? By boat of course!  As Matheus, our interpreter said, “The river is like our father, providing for his children. Without the river, we would not have life.” We had so much fun going down the Amazon River with Matheus, Luh, the clinic manager and Clau, Luh’s cousin. Read More »

The Journey to Parintins, Brazil

We arrived in Manaus, Brazil at 8:30 p.m. after a long day of travel. As we made our way out of the airport, we were met by our wonderful guide, Matheus Pinto. What a blessing to have him here with us! He escorted us to our hotel, Amazonia Tower Hotel, where we had a short rest before meeting him at 5:00 a.m. to head over to the port to catch the speedboat to Parintins.  A taxi brought us to the docs that were teaming with people: vendors selling fried bananas, fruits, cell phone cords Read More »