NOVEMBER 21, 2013

I'm very humbled by my experiences here. The patients whom I serve emanate humility. Julia said it well with, "they are simple and live a simple life." They're very practical and it's refreshing to work with them. Vanity is not something that exists for these patients. "O, I am struggling to hear, or my ear really hurts, or I'm curious about my hearing, let me go sit and wait outside - give up a full day of work, to wait for hours, until I am seen by the audiologist." If there's a problem they go Read More »

NOVEMBER 20, 2013

18th Century Medicine   Another really long and rewarding day. Today was fabulous in the sense that there was a nice mix of adults and kids! I also learned a valuable lesson in that I enjoy working with both populations but I can be more myself with kids. There is just something about being silly to make them comfortable and open up that I have always cherished. But the adults here have touched my heart. They are so kind and appreciative. Working with kids here comes with more challenges Read More »

NOVEMBER 19, 2013

  You know you're in the right line of work when you have a 15 hour work day and enjoyed every patient - every minute of it and you're feeling rejuvenated.   Today was awesome. There were more kiddos here, though I only tested one. Most of them just needed cerumen management and had ear infections! But I had a very important task of giving them tattoos while they waited to be seen.  I gave them the tattoos before going in so they would start opening up to the women in the white Read More »