An Inspiring Video Sharing the Gift of Hearing in Guatemala

Dr. Kamal Elliot grew up in India where she often witnessed situations where people needed help but didn’t have the means to access it. That experience has inspired her to use her audiology career to help others in developing countries. “If we help each other, the world is a better place.”  The Oticon Hearing Foundation donated hearing devices for her trip to Guatemala this past January, where she traveled with 13 audiologists and 14 students to the Panajachel area with the Entheos Audiology Read More »

World Hearing Day – Making a Sound Investment

Happy World Hearing Day! This year's theme, "Action for Hearing Loss: Make a Sound Investment" raises awareness to the economic impact of hearing loss on individuals and economies. In fact, according to the World Health Organization, unaddressed hearing loss can amount to $750 billion annually for the global economy. Interventions to address hearing issues are available, cost effective and can help prevent barriers to education and social integration, loss of productivity, and cognitive decline Read More »

“It’s our duty” – The importance of humanitarian work

Jennifer Rogers is an audiologist and a hearing aid user herself. She was fit with hearing devices when she was three years old, starting her down the path of helping others with hearing issues. During her time in Fiji with Project H.E.A.V.E.N, Jennifer worked in a remote village with other volunteers, setting up different stations to conduct hearing tests and diagnose hearing loss. Recounting the day to day activity, she said, “We set up different stations. If people were identified Read More »