Living With Hearing Loss: Chad Mitchell’s Story

Chad Mitchell is a father, business owner, surfer, snowboarder, and paddle boarder living in South Florida. You wouldn’t know it at first, but he has the hearing equivalence of a 75 year old man and wears hearing aids to help him interact with the world. “I always thought I had a little issue but never knew to what degree. I assumed everyone was listening at my level. The ghosts of girlfriends past would call it selective hearing. People at parties would always ask me why I was yelling. I Read More »

Living with Hearing Loss: Linda Feldheim’s Story

Linda Feldheim worked as a social worker for years, helping students with hearing problems and advocating for children with hearing loss from kindergarten to 8th grade. She has a profound hearing loss in her right ear and moderate hearing loss in her left. Although she was born with a type of nerve loss and therefore had a hearing loss her entire life, she did not receive hearing aids until she was in college. "I went back to my mom one day and asked her to explain to me why she didn’t get me Read More »

Living With Hearing Loss: Wanda Crabtree’s Story

Wanda Crabtree’s hearing loss began when she was a young girl. She became a widow at a very young age, raising her 10 year old daughter and 6 year old son on her own. She is now 66 years old and works for a large financial company in Florida. After years of living with a hearing loss, she harbors no animosity toward her situation. Instead she says, “It’s life, we all have challenges and I’m fine with my disability and do count my blessings. Having a hearing loss has made me the person Read More »